Lawn care advice in Kidderminster, by Lawn3


What is the Lawn3 service?

Lawn 3 will carry out 5 core treatments throughout the year.

  1. Mar\Apr – Season specific fertiliser and weed treatment
  2. May\Jun – Season specific fertiliser and weed treatment
  3. Jul\Aug – Season specific fertiliser and weed treatment
  4. Sept\Oct – Liquid iron (moss control and winter protection) treatment
  5. Nov – cranefly (daddy long legs) treatment

In addition we offer the following supplementary treatments:

Scarification – Remove thatch & improve oxygen, water & nutrient levels
Aeration – To provide space for root growth, allow nutrients and oxygen to the root zone and improve drainage
Miraclemoss – Organic moss control treatment
Pest Control – Insecticide (Chafer Grub) treatments
Mowless – To reduce speed of growth and the need to mow

For more details see lawn treatments

Does it really cost less than DIY?

Our fertilisers are slow release and last for 3 months, twice as long as off-the-shelf products and we apply the right products at the right time of year with no waste. The treatment cost is less than DIY and much less effort!

Are the products superior to anything we can buy in a garden centre?
Garden Centre products are “diluted” so that no professional qualifications are required for purchase or application. All Lawn 3 operators are NPTC qualified and are able to purchase and apply professional fertilisers and weed killers.

Most garden centre products are a mixture of lawn food, moss killer, greener and weed killer and their effectiveness is compromised as a result. The products are designed to give a flush of growth so people see visible results sooner. Much of the solution is too strong to be absorbed and simply washes away. Professional fertilisers are slow release, allowing a carefully regulated release of nutrients into the soil.

Do I have to wait until spring to start the treatment?

No. Our programme is designed to run throughout the year—there is never a bad time to start improving your lawn.

Doesn’t it hurt the environment?

Our programme is specifically designed to reduce the need for herbicides and fertilisers over a period of time. We aim to use products which are organic and safe for the environment.

Are the products safe for children and pets?

Our treatments are safe for both children and pets. Only animals that graze on the grass need to be kept off the lawn for x2 weeks after treatment.

How soon will I be able to see the fertiliser treatment work?

Most customers start to see a benefit within 7 – 10 days of the application.

When will I see my weeds start to die?

Herbicides, once applied need to work through from the leaf to the root. For this reason it is best not to mow your lawn for 3 days before and 3 days after a treatment. If the weeds haven’t begun to wither within 3 weeks, please contact us as weather conditions may alter its effectiveness. Unusually dry conditions, heavy rain within 12 hours of treatment or mowing too soon after treatment may reduce effectiveness.

Are the Lawn3 operators fully qualified?

Everyone who treats your lawn is a qualified Lawn 3 Green Keeper. Our training programmes are recognised as the most comprehensive in the lawn maintenance industry. We don’t employ temporary or unqualified staff to treat your lawn. You can ensure that the treatments are carried out correctly at the most appropriate time of year
All our operators hold full PA1 & PA6 NPTC qualifications which certify them to purchase, prepare and calibrate professional herbicides and sprayers and to operate them to ensure correct application rates without risk to themselves, other people and the environment

How much do the treatments cost?

Our charges are based on the size of the lawn we are caring for. Treatments start from just £15 per visit for lawns up to 100 square metres. Our core programme involves 4 visits which would be a total cost of £60 per year.

Is there a contract to sign?

We do not ask you to sign a contract, we will simply invoice you each time we visit. If you wish to cancel at any time just inform us prior to the next scheduled visit. Some of our customers prefer to pay by monthly Standing Order but this is optional.