Common lawn problems


Probably the biggest headache in the garden, moss thrives in the vast majority of untreated lawns. Wet Autumns and cold  Winters are exacerbating the problem.

A multi-pronged approach is needed to control it – including promoting a healthy grass sward, applying a professional moss killer at the right time of year and the removal of leaves and other decaying debris from the lawn. Scarification to remove the damp sub-surface thatch and aeration to improve drainage and grass root growth are both excellent methods of keeping your lawn moss free.

Moss has two growth periods – autumn and spring, although it thrives over winter producing spores for the spring. Spring growth also produces spores for growth the following autumn.

Many factors encourage moss including;

a) Poor drainage
b) Lawn compaction
c) Areas where air quality is poor
d) Shaded areas
e) Poor nutrient levels in the soil
f) No competitive grass around
g) Cutting the grass too short – retards its growth leaving an unhealthy lawn & less competition for the moss.
h) Leaving leaves on the ground – especially over the winter.

Moss can be easily controlled with chemical treatments, however we also aim to address the underlying reason for its growth to prevent the problem recurring in the future. Contact Lawn 3 for advice on the control of moss.